Taylor Swift Nudes About To Hit Internet

Taylor Swift, one of the most popular contemporary singer-songwriters, known for narrative songs about her personal life, is in danger of sharing personal information she probably doesn’t want us knowing about, nudes. TMZ and other news outlets have documented Swift’s weird disappearance from public life this summer. Now rumors are starting to heat up that the reason she has went into hiding is because of nude pictures and videos stolen off her iPhone in late June.

“Swift and her friends are reasonably concerned about the idea that intimate images of her might soon be available for anyone to see.” said an anonymous source who is familiar with Swift’s situation. “Swift has a lot of enemies and exes. Her close friends and even Swift herself thinks this isn’t just any random hacker. This could be a celebrity or old boyfriend out for revenge and to embarrass the Grammy winner.”


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While we have no clue what the pictures consist of we have seen other female celebrities fall victim to having their nudes hacked from iPhones. Jennifer Lawrence nudes consisted of full body and closeups of her private areas. Taylor Swift would no doubt like to avoid the chaos that Lawrence went through. While Taylor has been lucky so far, not even falling victim to a nipple slip, she has been caught in public with a cameltoe (pictures below). If these pictures are a preview of what to come then Swift will have a hard time keeping the public from viewing her nudes.





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